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my tears won't dry

so many people can make you happy so why am I that hurt?

but i don't want to take off my makeup just yet
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fivie | she is a quick writer, she's comfortable, she's quirky, she's a spazzy chick and she's a loyal everlasting friend. she likes lounging on the couch and watching as many eng sub super junior videos as possible. she loves doojoon and kibum. she brings back the otp name for sibum. she speaks francais. she tries to speak korean. she thinks over her wedding day every day. she's gonna marry kibum. she's a writer of mychunchun.
je | she may be considered the complete opposite of fivie. she takes an hour to think of exactly whatever she's gonna write. she likes listening to music and stealing pens from restaurants. she loves yoochun and ryeowook. she gets kyuwook shippers at her door. she speaks francais aussi. she gets sand in her shoes. she goes on vacation 24/7. she lives at seven eleven. she will marry yoochun. she's a writer of mychunchun.box #4 | it's love
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